Behind the Badge: Stolen phone, cow in the road and dog left in a car with the windows up | COVID-19

Monday, June 21

2:27 a.m. Suspicious vehicle with lights turning on and off on Kellogg Road

10:38 a.m. Fraudulent activity on a credit card reported on Maquam Shore Road

10:56 a.m. Camera located on Edward Street and turned in to police department

1:40 p.m. People requesting to tent in front yards on Murray Drive

3:11 p.m. Issue with phone company on Lower Welden Street

3:56 p.m. Issue with a neighbor on North Elm Street

4:33 p.m. Jewelry located on Congress Street

5:47 p.m. Man taking picture of a building on Swanton Road

5:51 p.m. Man asking passersby about drugs on Federal Street and Lake Street

6 p.m. Intoxicated man brought to Northwest State Correctional Facility for detox

Tuesday, June 22

8:35 a.m. Erratic operation, speeding and inability to maintain lane reported on Lake Street

10:38 a.m. Nicholas Hale, 23, of St. Albans arrested for violation of conditions of release on Diamond Street

11:34 a.m. Vehicle hit with shopping cart on Lincoln Avenue and Rugg Street

1:38 p.m. Phone stole on Swanton Road

5:29 p.m. Cat hit by vehicle on Lower Welden Street

5:36 p.m. Vehicle was in door yard when resident arrived home on Lower Newton Road

6:18 p.m. Someone appeared to be in a residence on French Hill Road when caller was not home

8:58 p.m. Man soliciting money on Lake Street

Wednesday, June 23

1:33 a.m. Kyle Mosher, 30, of Winooski arrested for domestic assault on Marie Lane

4:20 a.m. Vehicle on private property on Brigham Road and Lake Road

5:15 a.m. Suspicious phone call on Maquam Shore Road

5:52 a.m. Cow in roadway on County Road and Lower Newton Road

12:17 p.m. Vehicle stuck in a ditch on Lake Road near the Bay Store

12:24 p.m. Dogs left in vehicle with windows up on Swanton Road

1 p.m. Caller believes someone was in their house while they were sleeping on Maple Street

1:15 p.m. Stolen bike reported on Federal Street

2:11 p.m. Phone found on North Main Street, returned to owner

4:28 p.m. Caller harassed by ex-husband on Georgia Shore Road

5:52 p.m. Argument reported on Swanton Road

8:50 p.m. Vehicle alarm sounding on Stebbins Street

10:40 p.m. Dog barking non-stop on Lincoln Avenue and Bishop Street

Thursday, June 24

11:54 a.m. Possible intoxicated operation reported on Fairfield Street

5:46 p.m. Person refused to return vehicle on Spruce Street

6:51 p.m. Motorcycles speeding on North Main Street

7:43 p.m. Possible intoxicated operator on Lake Street

9:48 p.m. Employee harassed by customer on Fairfax Road

Friday, June 25

6:16 p.m. Vehicle speeding on roadway on Russel Street and Lowe Welden Street

7:02 p.m. Neighbor damaged caller’s pool on Lake Street

8:02 p.m. Threats made to caller over the phone on South Main Street

8:52 p.m. Man standing in the road appearing to be intoxicated on North Main Street

Saturday, June 26

12:25 a.m. Men loitering in front of a residence on High Street

2:24 a.m. Man threatened caller on Hampton Lane

12:37 p.m. Family disturbance reported on Crest Road

2:33 p.m. Road rage incident reported on Swanton Road

3:43 p.m. Caller reporting being harassed on Federal Street

3:47 p.m. Man disturbing customers, potentially intoxicated on South Main Street

4:25 p.m. Neighbor calling victim names on South Main Street

8:08 p.m. Man and woman yelling at each other on Bank Street

8:28 p.m. Man appeared unconscious on Maiden Lane

10:59 p.m. Unknown man attempted entry to caller’s apartment on Lake Street

Sunday, June 27

5:05 a.m. Jessie Marshall, 44, of St. Albans arrested on a warrant on Mechanic Street

11:53 a.m. Keys found on Aldis Street, returned to owner

1:04 p.m. Fireworks left in park on North Main Street

3:17 p.m. Motorcycle speeding on North Main Street and Upper Newton Street

3:33 p.m. Person being repeatedly called by person of interest on Parah Drive

3:42 p.m. Vehicle speeding on South Main Street

4:43 p.m. Broken door reported on Fairfield Street

5:58 p.m. Possible intoxicated operator reported at Bay Park

6:57 p.m. Loud motorcycles reported on North Main Street

7:02 p.m. John Meunies, 47, of St. Albans arrested for domestic assault on Burnell Terrace

7:29 p.m. Dog left in hot vehicle on Swanton Road

7:32 p.m. Loud motorcycle speeding on North Main Street

7:59 p.m. Man refusing to leave caller’s property on Federal Street

8:22 p.m. Woman yelling outside on Lake Street

8:57 p.m. Vehicle unable to maintain lane on Fairfield Hill Road

9:53 p.m. Stolen food stamps and debit card reported on Upper Welden Street

11:15 p.m. Loud music reported on Lake Street

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