7 vegetables that you ought to totally grill this summertime

Grilling time has officially kicked off, but never prohibit out of doors cooking to steaks, hotdogs and burgers.

“I believe there is certainly a ton of methods to get resourceful with greens on the grill in methods that truly enrich their taste,” Elliot Prag, the direct instructor of the overall health-supportive culinary arts program at the Institute of Culinary Training, suggests.

Thankfully, Prag is here to share his list of 7 have to-grill vegetables this time with Salon Food viewers. 

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Bell Peppers

“Crimson, environmentally friendly, yellow — it doesn’t make any difference,” Prag says. The most critical thing is simply to lower your peppers so they have sufficient surface spot to essentially get some very good grill marks. Check out cutting them down the center, removing the seeds, then slicing the halves down the middle all over again. 

“Peppers are certainly a person of the most fulfilling greens on the grill,” Prag claims. “They stay juicy. They can however have a little crunch to them, and I experience like it delivers out their sweetness when you do that.” 

Zucchini and Yellow Squash 

Prag confesses that he finds zucchini and yellow squash to be some of the “most boring greens in the planet to consume” — that is, right up until he tosses possibly on the grill. Like peppers, after they get some grill marks, these veggies take on a really pleasing smoky taste. 

The vital to making them seriously shine? Also like peppers, it’s slicing them accurately. Prag suggests slicing them on the diagonal (alternatively of in rounds), so there’s more prospect for grill marks. “You don’t want to slice them to paper-slender simply because they will just shrivel up on the grill,” he suggests. “But attempt about a 50 %-inch thick.” 

Use this chance to make a cross-hatch sample — referred to as quadrillage — of grill marks on the squash by flipping halfway through cooking. This technique infuses the vegetable with extra flavor (and, if we are becoming sincere, helps make it glimpse so a lot cooler!). 

Potatoes and Eggplant 

Although most people default to indoor preparations for potatoes and eggplant, Prag encourages property cooks to complete them outdoors on the grill for some included depth of taste. 

“It’s funny how lots of factors that go on to the grill never taste great just thrown on the grill,” Prag suggests. “For potatoes, boil them until eventually they are practically done — they’re tender — and then slice them in half and place the flat facet on the grill.” 

The identical goes for eggplant. Prag endorses roasting sliced eggplant until it really is tender and some of the dampness releases right before finishing it on the grill to get some of those deep, darkish grill marks. 


When corn will not likely essentially get uniform grill marks, Prag likes cooking it on the grill to infuse it with some smokiness. 

“What you can do is peel back the husk, rub the corn with some olive oil and a squeeze of lime, and then near the husk back up and put it on the grill,” Prag suggests. “Although I in fact like raw corn, possessing the husk on will make certain that it gets the corn totally cooked.” 


Cauliflower steaks have found a surge in attractiveness on restaurant menus more than the previous couple of several years, but most recipes contact for them to be manufactured in the oven or on the stove. Prag endorses marinating the cauliflower before putting it on the grill the place, as it blackens, it requires on a tiny bit of a caramelized flavor.

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